2. With regard to geographical indications, Members shall make available to interested parties the legal means necessary to prevent measures adopted for the implementation of this Section from affecting the right or validity of the registration of a trade mark or the right to use a trade mark, since such a trade mark is identical with or similar to the trade mark. a geographical indication. 4. The protection referred to in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 shall apply to a geographical indication which, even if it is literally valid in the territory, region or place of origin of the goods, wrongly constitutes to the public that the goods originate in another zone. (b) before the geographical indication is protected in its country of origin; 4. This Section shall not oblige a Member to prevent the continued and similar use of a specific geographical indication of another Member to identify wines or spirits related to goods or services by one of its nationals or domiciles which, in respect of the same related goods or services, are: (a) at least ten years before 15 April have not been used for redress purposes. 1994 or (b) in good faith before that date. 1. For the purposes of this Agreement, an indication shall be known as an indication which is characteristic of a quality originating in the territory of a Member, region or place in that region, where a quality, reputation or other characteristic of the case is essentially due to its geographical origin. 2. .