If you wish to waive your rental agreement, you can do so in writing (no cancellation form is required). You must announce it 28 days in advance. 4. Your tenant violates the terms of his contract and you seek possession of his lease If you do not pay your rent or if you have not violated a repayment plan, you can only leave the association with no choice but to take legal action to repossess your home. This is very serious, as it can lead to the loss of your home. The association will always consider an eviction procedure only as a last resort. Our mission is to help you avoid evacuation, but if you don`t stick to your repayment plan, you risk jeopardizing your rental and relocation prospects. You must prove your lease or lease. If you need a copy, please contact your local housing corporation, municipality or landlord.

If you are interested in a Business Angus property, you can contact us for more information 01307 491905, invest@angus.gov.uk or fill out the contact form. If you are at retirement age or above, you may still be entitled to the housing allowance to support your rents. If you would like to apply, contact your municipality or ask your housing officer for help. Applications are now made online or by phone. You must also apply for the housing allowance separately if you will receive other benefits. It is your responsibility to ensure that your housing allowance is processed. After registering on the site, tenants can search online for local, regional and national scholarships. The service is free for Angus Council tenants. Neighbouring councils and most social landlords are partners with House Exchange, so you have more choices to find exchanges both in Angus and beyond. Angus Council outlined its plan to provide “quality, warm and affordable housing” for tenants, with councillors agreeing to increase housing rents in the area by 3.1%. For information on how to end this lease, visit the Scottish Government website.

You may have a top-up account at the association. This can be for repairs that have been charged to you or for legal fees due. We`ll be happy if you set up a repayment plan to pay off your top-up account in addition to paying your rent. Please note that failure to comply with your charging agreement may lead the association to pursue this debt through legal action. As of December 1, 2017, the private residential lease replaced the guaranteed and short leases for all new leases. .