Then I changed the delivery plan to the current date. Then I did the GR in MIGO. Now it shows me the crowd to receive. I kept in ME38 (Delivery Plan) delivery date next week (05.07.2006) for a delivery plan. As soon as I receive the goods in the MIGO, it is said that the document does not contain selectable items. With this asynchronous service, you can, as a supplier using SAP S/4HANA Cloud, automatically create and update delivery plans for sales delivery plans, including nodes in front, online item, sharing and end line. This is one of the many services that facilitate the integration between sales delivery plans and an external buyer system. The information is sent in the requirement as a payload. Messages transmitted by this service can be monitored by the SAP Application Interface (FIA) framework. Can someone tell me why it allows me to do GR only if I maintain the delivery date delivery plan as the current date to say. When did I get to? ? 6th commission If the delivery date in the date is aggrement 20.

and the seller delivered the material on 15 iteslf, so we are able to grn the 15th or not. Hello all,In agreement with this problem, I had the same problem as Nandhu, except the fact that after the delivery agreement of the creation (w / delivery plan) this does not appear in MIGO, even after I have exhausted all your suggestions in this forum. I have the same message “document does not contain a selectable article” and was not even able to display the article in MIGO, although I replace the delivery plan with the date today. Can someone else help me? Sorry, the control of the request of MIGO or ME31n (delivery) is controlled by the confirmation control key in the position details of the delivery plan. If it is empty, you must make a MIGO transaction to get the equipment in stock. If it is set at 004, a delivery will be required. You must review the delivery plan in ME38 until 15.05.2011, and then do THE GR. The problem is configured with the factory calendar and the messagei.e system, warning/error/ignore the spell. Normally, the purchase document would give a warning message if Dely`s date falls on the day of leave specified in the calendar.

If you can change the message settings in the error message, the system does not allow the user to edit/update that you have to wait for the delivery date, or in ME38, you can change the delivery date to 15, then you can do so. If the delivery date is 20, you cannot make the receipt against this release, the XXXXXX document will not contain any items. There are several sales plan agreements. Each sales plan agreement contains only one product (i.e. equipment). You`re absolutely right. Don`t forget that you are scheduled for the delivery plan. Delivery plans are drawn up by MRPor Kanban or the user. In this case, I use kanban to create delivery plans; The problem is to update the ME38/EKES delivery plan. No alerts or error messages yet.

The 06.10.06 deepblue wrote via sap-r3-log-mm:>>> I work with Kanban and delivery plans. I need to find a way > to prevent the system or a user (Kanban) from updating or managing a delivery > calendar in a non-active day.>> example: delivery time – 4 days. This is a part managed by kanban.> The refuelling signal was sent on a Thursday, so the delivery date> in the delivery agreement schedule is scheduled for Monday – 4 days> including Sat and Sun.>> I do not want to use working days? >> Every piece of advice, what should I do?>> greetings, >> Deepblue>>>>>> >> >> If you have maintained Denplan`s delivery plan for the delivery contract as the 20.05.2011 and the Seller has delivered materials on 15.05.2011, you cannot make GR on 15.05.2011, as the delivery plan for delivery is fixed and has time control. You can try to create a computational profile and add it to the order cycle, allowing you to calculate the delivery time for release using factory production days rather than regular calendar days.