1.C. Additional licensing conditions for SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard or Professional and SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional. (a) DS grants SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional software to a Dicense Client Client [CAL] license model, a pro-processor model for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2008 R2 and earlier versions or a Pro Core model for SQL Server 2012 and newer versions. You can use standard or professional SOLIDWORKS PDM software in a network or any other multi-station/client environment, if you have a standard or business-standard SOLIDWORKS PDM license per user, combined simultaneously with solidWORKS PDM or a professional database or archiving server (and the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional web server only for solidWORKS PDM Professional licenses). SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition, Runtime Restricted-Use Offering-Lizenz contains other provisions for simultaneous use. The terms and conditions of the SQL Server 2014 Express Edition license and the terms of the 2014 Standard Edition, Runtime Use Offering License license are provided with orders for solidWORKS PDM Standard Software, SOLIDWORKS PDM Software and/or SOLIDWORKS Manage Professional Software. (b) SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional contains embedded software provided by Oracle Corporation and its associated companies (“Oracle”) (the “Oracle Programs”), and, notwithstanding the provisions of Section 1, Oracle or its licensees retain all ownership and intellectual property rights over Oracle programs and are a third party beneficiary of this agreement. Oracle programs are subject to a limited license and can only be used with the associated application package and cannot be modified by you. Some of Oracle`s programs may contain the source code that Oracle can provide as part of the standard delivery of these programs, and this code is subject to the terms of that agreement. (c) Third-party technologies that may be adapted or necessary for the use of certain Oracle programs are indicated in the application program documentation or otherwise reported by DS, and this technology will only be granted to you for the use of the application package of a third-party provider, as indicated in the application file document or as notified by DS and not under the terms of this Contract. (d) You agree (i) to allow DS to verify your use of Oracle programs, (ii) to provide appropriate assistance and access to DS as part of such a review, and (iii) to allow DS to report the results of such an audit to Oracle or to entrust Oracle with the right to conduct the review (without Oracle`s obligation or liability, to pay the costs of your or DS resulting from the audit).