AGL said Thursday that the gas supply agreement with BHP Billiton Petroleum (Bass Strait) for 78 petajoules (PJ) of natural gas from Gippsland Basin, Victoria. The GSA will have a period of 3.25 years from April 2020 and will support the continued supply of gas to New South Wales and Victoria, according to the company. The new gas supply agreement with Esso, ExxonMobil`s Australian subsidiary, will support these commitments. “AGL Energy`s commitment was decisive for the continuation of the Sole gas project, and now, just before production is commissioned, we are pleased to add new supply contracts. Maxwell said the agreements with AGL Energy were the first in a brine marketing process that began in the first half of the GJ19 and would result in additional agreements being signed in the coming months. Australian BHP, formerly known as BHP Billiton, has signed a new gas supply contract with fellow CANADIAN AGL Energy for the gas supply of BHP`s Gippsland Basin off the coast of Victoria. The brine gas field becomes the last source of gas in southeastern Australia when it begins production following the completion of the upgrade of the Orbost gas facility, currently underway by APA Group. Central Petroleum announced that MJV has signed a new gas sales contract (GSA) with AGL Energy. The agreement provides for a “fixed” and “available” gas supply of up to 21.9 PJ in a three-year market. The gas is supplied under the GSA by Central and its partner MJV Macquarie Mereenie. The GSA is subject to a precedent of conditions, including the execution of final gas transport contracts. The Sole Gas Project will provide an additional 68 terajoules (TJs) per day of natural gas supply to south-eastern Australia. 2.

Over-balancing: part of the current imbalance in Central`s rotation will be gradually restored over a period consistent with the lifespan of the AGL Energy GSA. The rate of return is structured by a 2.4PJ gas purchase contract covering the three years from January 1, 2020. Elixir Inks Agreement to develop small scale LNG plant Australia`s leading energy infrastructure business, APA Group (ASX: APA) today announced it has entered a new gas transport agreement on the East Coast Grid with AGL Energy (ASX: AGL) start January January january 2020. The new two-year multi-asset contract replaces an expiring contract with AGL. Qatar has $28.26 billion in LNG construction contracts. The agreement covers the purchase of a total of 50 PJ Gas, which will support the continued supply of its gas customers through the AGL. Cooper Energy and AGL Energy have signed new gas supply contracts with Cooper`s Sole (Gippsland Basin) and Casino Henry (Otway Basin). The agreement will begin in early January 2021 and end in December 2022. No financial value has been published for the market. AGL Energy Chairman and Ceo Brett Redman said AGL has a long history of supporting new domestic deliveries in the gas market. AGL Energy has signed a two-year contract with Esso Australia, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, for the supply of 50 gas petajoules, replacing the current contract with the operator. While Central has a 50% contractual obligation for gas supply under the GSA, Central expects that most of the revenue from the first two years of contract will be obtained through portfolio balance agreements with its partner MJV, as explained later in this press release.

Under the new agreements, AGL Energy entered into a contract at current market prices: AGL Energy Limited and Esso Australia Resources entered into a gas supply agreement. “The Otway Basin provides a competitive source of gas, particularly for South Australia, and we hope that our upcoming drilling program will further increase the resources we can put on the market,” Maxwell said. “The extension of our delivery relationship with AGL Energy to Now also Casino Henry reflects our multi-basin strategy, under which we can offer a portfolio of sources.