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We proudly supplied banners for British Judo Association. 

Golf Banners

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Outdoor Branding proudly supplied outdoor pop up banners for British Judo Association and Queens Park Rangers FC. Gallery in soon!

Again we delivered product on time and place as requested.

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The company made use of Spark Ads — ads that are created from existing organic content — with the goal of generating brand awareness. The campaign’s success was measured based on hashtag views, follower growth, and video views. By the end of the month, K18’s campaign gained 27 million views, and the campaign’s hashtag #K18Hair was viewed over 73 million times. This helped the company grow from 2k followers to 20k followers in a short period of time.

One effective strategy for maximizing your brand’s visibility on TikTok is to identify high-performing videos organically within your feed and leverage them for advertising. Spark Ads makes this process seamless, allowing you to capitalize on content that has already proven its appeal to your audience. To further amplify your reach, consider investing in additional exposure by buying UK TikTok views from This strategic approach not only minimizes the effort required to create new assets but also ensures that your brand message reaches a wider audience through the proven success of existing content. Using seo analysis tools helps you understand your website’s performance, allowing you to make informed decisions to improve visibility and search engine rankings.

On TikTok, music and sounds have a tremendous impact on engagement and increase the chances of your content being seen. Just to prove it, here are a few key stats from recent studies conducted by MRC Data and Flamingo:

  • 67% of users want to see TikTok videos from brands that feature trending audio
  • 68% of users say trending audio helps them remember the brand better
  • 58% of users say they’re more likely to share an ad that features trending sounds
  • 62% say they’re curious to learn about the brand after watching a video with trending sounds

According to SocialBoosting there’s a huge advantage to including trending audio in your videos. But since TikTok trends come and go every day, how can you find the most popular sounds? Here’s is an easy way to find trending audio:

  • Tap Discover on the bottom of your screen.
  • You’ll see a scrolling feed of all trending hashtags and sounds across the app.
  • Scroll until you see an icon on the left-hand side of a music note inside a circle. On the right-hand side, you’ll see a number that indicates how many videos on TikTok use that sound.





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